Bulldozer End Bits

  • D7G-2 bulldozer end bit
  • D7G-2 bulldozer end bit
D7G-2 bulldozer end bitD7G-2 bulldozer end bit

D7G-2 bulldozer end bit

  • Material:Manganese steel
  • Color:Yellow or Black or Customized
  • Model Number:D7G-2
  • Weight:31KG/PCS
Product description: D7G-2 bulldozer end bit,Part Number:269-0372;269-0373,Material:Manganese steel,Color:Yellow or Black or Customized,Model Number:D7G-2

1,Product Information:

2,Our advantages: We have more than 20years experience in making cutting edges and end bits for all kinds of bulldozer and grader machines,the drawings of our products are complete. The materials we use are 16MnB,30MnB and 35MnB,if you have any special request,please let us know.all of our products are heat treated and hardened to improve the lifespan,meeting the demanding requirements of earthmoving, grader and mining applications.We are the factory,we have advantages of our price. 3,Some of the whole sets of bulldozer cutting edge&end bit for your reference,for more information,please feel free to contact us:


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